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WNS 도움말

Information for old WNS users


Previous WNS users do not need to sign up again. They can use old ID and password for the login. The user’s registered domains are shown at the list after your login.


Caution for WNS registration


WNS is the DDNS service assigning a domain name to a WEBGATE’s product. WNS is available after the registration to WRS in advance. Please refer to the manual for the registration details.


Caution when sign up to WNS service


When signing up for WNS, ‘Email Address’ is not mandatory. But if the user forgets the password, then the user cannot get his password by email. We recommend filling out the ‘Email Address’.


Caution for automatic login


If the user checks ‘Remember me’ at the login page, the user will automatically login the WNS. Please be careful not to check the ‘Remember me’ if your PC or Smartphone is used in public.


Deletion of domain name


Existing WNS user should send a request for domain deletion when the user wants to delete the domain. But the user can delete domain name by himself after login into new WNS 2.0. If a domain name is not used for more than 6 months, the domain name will be automatically deleted.


Checking the status of product’s WNS registration


     Less than 30 minutes (Normal) : Less than 30 minutes have passed after last status update
Less than 1 day (Abnormal) : 30 minutes ~ 1 day have passed after last status update.
     More than 1 day (Dead) : more than 1 day have passed after last status update (Needs checking)


Technical Support


If there are errors regarding WNS registration, please email cs@webgateinc.com. We will do our best to provide the  solution as soon as possible. Thank you.



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